Marny Fashion Group. China Factory. Chaozhou Marny Industrial Co. Ltd. Was established in 1993.

From selection of materials, design to production and fabrication, each stage in the process is unique in its own way. With a wide variety of designs, precision craftsmanship, innovation and constant pursuit for the latest fashion trends, our products are enjoying brisk sales in Europe, America, south east Asia, middle east and many other countries and regions worldwide. Founded on a principle of 'think win-win, and deliver quality on time, everytime', our values of 'customer first, quality always', and sincerity in serving every client's needs, we have won the hearts and recognition of customers, as well as undisputed credibility in the trade. At chaozhou BOSSGOLF, we earnestly look forward to networking and business opportunities locally and globally. We hope that, by furthering mutual learning and understanding, we can build relationships with our clients that will grow from strength to strength.

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